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From Overwhelmed to Empowered: 2-Hour Breathwork Sesh to Relax & Find Joy 🌟

Wednesday 12 June 2024

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Finished 19:00 PM

Organized by Connection-Exercise-Movement-Dance-Contactimprov-Lisbon

Venue: Figueira Square

Address TBC
1100-241 Lisboa

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About this event

* *This session is for anyone who craves more empowerment, vitality, and joy...*

* *It’s for anyone who wants to feel more grounded in their own truth...*

* *It’s for anyone who wants to go beyond what’s holding them back and GROW into their full potential...*

**Start To Feel Free & Comfortable In Your Own Skin Every Wednesday!**

Do you remember what you were like in childhood?

If you were anything like most kids, I imagine you were pretty free and authentic. You expressed your emotions fully and said what you thought.

But what happens to that as we grow up and become “*proper adults*”?

Of course there’s the never-ending stress of bills to pay. The constant need to fit into society, be responsible and not look too crazy...

But many of us also walk around carrying emotional burdens so heavy we’ve lost touch with ourselves, our emotions, our joy...

And today, it can be overwhelming with the constant pressures from every angle (*jobs, family, relationships, social media*)

**It can be hard to just be yourself, do your thing, and feel good about it...**

If you feel this way, I perfectly understand. It’s not your fault. It is the world we live in.

We feel like we have to *suppress* our emotions in order to survive. And after many years of doing that, we end up becoming *tense* and unable to deal with them in a healthy way.

**Truth is... most of us have nowhere to go to release these painful emotions.** You can’t scream or cry in public. We’re not allowed to do whatever we feel like. And even when we’re by ourselves, it’s still hard to completely let go. It’s painful.

Because of this, we face a big risk of becoming so emotionally overwhelmed we unintentionally let it out on our loved ones... It becomes like a poison that *ruins* our relationships...

**The thing is, these emotions don’t just go away by ignoring them.** And talking to a therapist, or reading books can only get you so far. Many of us need something else...

**That is why I’m introducing a safe space here in Lisbon for you.** A place where you can feel safe. With an experienced guide by your side, easing you through this through the power of your body and breath.

**My Transformation:**

*Many years ago I was going through a big crisis in my life.*

*I was overwhelmed, looking and praying to find a supportive place to express all that anguish inside of me. I tried and studied different methods. Until I was incredibly lucky to finally find exactly what I needed! I discovered some powerful methods that actually worked for me...I was born again.*

*I was taught some very powerful body-based therapies related to the breath that not too many people talk about. Since then, I’ve done a lot of workshops. Working through traumas and emotional blocks, deeply exploring all my beliefs, that made my life very limited.. deprived of juice and taste. After many years of practice and working with people, I’ve seen its true depth and healing power...*

**In each of my body breathwork sessions, you can expect:**

🌿 Freestyle dance & warm-up to loosen up

🌿 Engaging theory of this body-breath based therapy approach

🌿 Boost your confidence & self-esteem with powerful deep breathing

🌿 Space to share your thoughts openly

🌿 Feel deep relaxation by releasing stress, tension & pent-up emotions

🌿 Reconnect with yourself through grounding & centering practices

🌿 Laughter, hugs, and a dash of playfulness!

*The work is based on scientific methods of western body-oriented psychology, with a revolutionary meditative approach (dynamic meditation).*

Every group class is tailored to fit the participants, ensuring a more personalized experience. However, In 1-on-1 sessions the focus is entirely on you and your unique journey.

**Meet Your Instructor 🌺**

Satyama Ananda, a devoted body-oriented therapist since 2013, has deeply immersed herself over the years in various practices including Bioenergetic Therapy, Osho Pulsation Therapy, Inner Child work, and Transessense.

**What others experienc

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